Horse trainer’s photoshoot – Feelenerhecken, Luxembourg

Slowly I can go out with all the shooting done stil in 2022 🙈😂 This meeting was really interesting to me, as I could cooperate with one of luxembourgish horse trainers – Veronique. If I would have to describe her in 3 words, it would be definitely VOLCAN OF ENERGY 🤩🤣💪🏼 Her personality and the quality of care given to horses and riders is really top! Another great equine trainer is Kelly, you have definitely seen her already in my pictures 🥰📸🫠 Both girls put huge effort on their passions and you can see it in the opinions of their students. Honestly, after a few years of break from horse riding, I would love to come back to my equine adventure. Maybe one day. Meanwhile! I am actually looking for the trainers in Luxembourg/nearby to cooperate with, if you one one, let me know! ❤️

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