Summary of 2021!

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! May your families stay in health and you make your dreams come true! ❤ Have you already done the 2021’s summary? I have to admit, that I could not force myself to do this…because such many things happened !!! 🙈🤯🤩 Let’s try to summarize everything in few lines (is it even possible? 😂🙈)

  • for the first time in my personal projects I had cooperated with magnificent Dress Designer – she is such gentle Soul! Thank you Ann! 🥰❤️ – you should definitely check the profile of MargoConcept 🤩
  • I got a features in the international magazines 🤩😍🙈 @Never Magazine (US), @Marika Magazine (US), Malvie Magazine (FR), MVIBE Magazine (twice, once with the cover from the publisher 🤯🤯🤯) and others! 😇😇😇
  • I took a pictures in various countries! Netherlands, France, Poland, obviously here in Luxembourg 😂😇
  • I finally got the official, special approval from the Ministere of Economy for opening MY OWN PHOTO COMPANY. I feel so honored to get this permission! Thank you so much Luxembourg for this chance ❤️❤️❤️

These pictures are some part only of all the shootings. I would like to thank my husband for His special Support and assisting during the sessions! ❤ Big thanks for my Sisters, who are the most patient models since 10 years 😂 ❤️ I am also grateful to Ann from MargoConcept for her dresses and always kind words! 😍 Thanks to Ana from Art Photo Projects for organization of Wisteria’s shooting! 😇 And huge, huge, huuuge THANK YOU all, for supporting me during last year, for choosing me as your photographer, for letting me enter in your privacy, in your dreams, in your passions and Love. Without you it would much more difficult to be happy fo what I do!❤️

Plans for 2022? Working on my self confidence 😂 Doing more selfportraits to feel better your stress of camera! Preparing first videos for you 😇🤩 Doing more my own projects! ❤️ Being HAPPY of gained experience 😂😁 What about you?

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