Hello Luxembourg – newborn session at home

Say ‘hello’ to the world little Cute Girl ❤
Did you know, that for newborn photoshoot photographer needs a lot of accessories? Normally when you call to the photo studio for the newborn images, you go there… BUT. Because I’m an outdoor photographer, I do prefer go outside or at the client’s side. So, for this shooting I went to my last clients home. I did not take literally ANYTHING, except camera and fresh mind 😉

Would you be interrested in equipment needed for this kind of photos at your home? Let me tell you:
– old basket / bowl
– favourite toy
– one color blanket
– a few pillows of different size
– … good attitude and a lot of patience 😉
Obviously it’ s easier to go the photographer’s studio…
but who would not like to try it by itself? ;> ;D

during hot days it is always better to give your baby little bath and feed to keep them calm :>

Mała Kruszynka mówi Wam dziś cześć ❤ Jeśli jeszcze się nie zorientowaliście, od czsu do czasu wykonuję sesje dziecięce, wręcz, prawie, że noworodkowe ;> Fajnie jest z takimi Maleństwami, świat na moment przestaje pędzić, gdy trzymasz w ramionach taki Skarb.
Mam nadzieję, że kadry się podobają, bo kto wie, czy niebawem nie wrócę z wiekszą ilością słodkich kadrów 🙂

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