Sunset in Niederanven

When Kim told me about her idea for the few hours photoshoot with her daughters and friends, I was sooo excited… I love to capture different positions of sun, there is always amazing light, especially during the summer – I really like to observe how the sunlight varries depending on the hour… Do you prefer sunrise or sunset? For me both are such stunning, that I can not decide which one I prefer 😉 But, coming back to the meeting with girls! They prepared themselves and horses so nicely and they had an idea for the images, what I appreciate a lot – if you have some inspiration which you would like to follow – always say it to the photographer! It will be memory of yours, it has to be gorgeous for YOU! 🙂 Always tell your photographer about expectations, what you do like, which profile you like more, do not be afraid to give an info about your dreamed cadr! If you do not feel comfortable, say it! If you imagine something, say it! If you are scared of your appearance on the photos, do not hesitate to tell your photographer about it! I AM FOR YOU! Thank you girls for this great time together, for the sunset and blue hour with smoke bombs, your patience and following my advices! I am very happy to meet you 🙂

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