Summary of 2019

So here we are, to summarize last year. I’m not really sure how to describe everything what had happened.I would like to thank each person, who i could work with – not only during the photoshoots 🙂 2019 was very…surprising. I have started work, again,after whole this bad time. After i changed work, i got better, i have settled down 1000km farer from my beloved family. I have met new, wonderful people. I have bought new camera and lenses ( yey! )…. but there was something very normal, very easy and difficult at the same time. Waking up. For my family. And for Him. He was my biggest Help, my Shield, my support. Sometimes it was only Him, who could push me to live.
I’m really convinced, that God have put Him in my Life, to make me alive …and start to dream, again.
Thank you.
I wish you for this new year to choose your friends wisely.

Who has an instagram? I have just started to post there, find me there! 😉

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